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may 2015
The Good Hatchery 2007 - 2016

The Trout Hatchery at iDeath was built years ago when the last tiger was killed and burned on the spot. We built the trout hatchery right here. The walls went up around the ashes.

The hatchery is small but designed with great care. The trays and ponds are made from watermelon sugar and stones gathered at a great distance and placed there in the order of that distance.

The water for the hatchery comes from the little river that joins up later with the main river in the living-room. The sugar used is golden and blue.

There are two people buried at the bottom of the ponds in the hatchery. You look down past the young trout and see them lying there in their coffins, staring from beyond the glass doors. They wanted it that way, so they got it, being as they were keepers of the hatchery and at the same time, Charley's folks.

The hatchery has a beautiful tile floor with the tiles put together so gracefully that it's almost like music. It's a swell place to dance.

There is a statue of the last tiger in the hatchery. The tiger is on fire in the statue. We are all watching it.

Richard Brautigan

The Good Hatchery would like to announce that after 9 years of ambitious, experimental and in-depth work in the boglands of North Offaly, the residential studio project and art space at this location is now coming to an end.

Since its inception in 2007, TGH has been an evolving, fluid and organic project in the deep rural that has been dedicated to the production of new art works that question their own relationship to place. This new development is a major milestone, marking the closure of the refurbished 19th century building as residential artist studios. TGH is now a foot loose organization, it will continue to operate as an umbrella for future projects with a similar ethos and outlook within the lands of Clonearl and beyond.

At this point, we would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Eileen Hanlon, the extra-ordinary woman who kindly offered up the building that homed TGH for 9 years. Eileen continues to generously open up the lands of Clonearl to creative projects, with an integrity and commitment to exploring alternative ways of living in and engaging with a rural landscape.

We would also like to thank all of the artists that have spent time at The Good Hatchery and lent their help and presence, especially all founding members. Thanks to the Arts Council of Ireland and the Offaly Arts Office for their support in 2010 and 2011, all the galleries and institutions that have worked with us so far and the many people that through recycling networks and in more informal ways have crucially enabled our development.

The hayloft that housed TGH is entering a new phase and will now be leased to new residents who will be starting to promote and farm rare breeds, starting with Tamworth pigs living free in the woodlands. The Good Hatchery ethos and its artists will always have a place within the landscape of Clonearl.

Over the next months TGH will be tying up operations at its Offaly base and looking to the future bogs and far beyond.

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Thank you to all the fantastic, imaginative and daring artists that have worked with us over the years. It has been amazing!

all good*

Carl , Ruth + GH.