Fared, 2009.

The Curfew Tower, Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Fared was made while on a residency in Cushendall, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland. At the small towns centre stands the Curfew Tower, an iconic red sandstone building that was originally built by Francis Turnley in 1820. At this time, the guarded tower was used to imprison any individuals who did not adhere to Turnleys vision of a utopian society. This five floored tower is now owned by Bill Drummond. In conjunction with The Void, in Derry, he invites artists from all backgrounds to apply to stay at the tower for up to a month, leaving one piece of work that was made at the tower behind them at the end of their residency. This residential programme is entitled In You We Trust.

Fared is the work that was left at the end of this residency. It stems from a series of performative works that were carried out while traveling across the border between the Republic and the North of Ireland and over the times spent in the tower between these trips. The work left on the Curfew Towers wall is one standard payment of unemployed benefit issued by the government of the Republic of Ireland in October 2009. The payment has been brought over the border, converted into Northern Irish Sterling, framed behind glass and attached to the wall.

In you We Trust

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