KmS, 2016.

Performance for Kilometre of Sculpture, Rakvere, Estonia.

"I made these shoes to change how I can experience the city. The bronze makes a conductive connection to the ground. I can feel temperature through them. They slow down my experience. Due to their great weight, each slow step loudly connects to the ground, earth or paving, and reverberates deeply. These vibrations allow me to feel what is going on underground."

1 KM walked in Rakvere, (Estonia) on 2 July 2016.

Solid bronze shoes (Dutch) weighing 27 KG.

White sports wear (British).

8 hours.

Conversations with 100+ people.


Kilometre of Sculpture, is a biennial art event that takes place in Estonia 2016.

Video by Aksel Haagensen
10 sec
30 sec